IR Websites

Highly secured, data driven IR websites that redefine investors engagement,
designed to convert the website visitors to your company’s long-term shareholders.

Investor relations website design for publicly traded companies is not the same as any other website design service. M2 Compliance, a market leader and innovative provider of disclosure management and dedicated regulatory compliance solutions provides topmost IR website solutions to 100s of stock exchange-listed companies.

M2 IR, Website and digital marketing wing of M2 Complainace provides mobile responsive, SEO friendly investor relations website design for corporations that fit into their company’s investors relations strategy and keeping up with regulations and disclosure as well.

IR Website objectives:

IR website is an important tool to educate investors, journalists and researchers about the company’s story and investment proposition clearly. It should feature important aspects such as milestones of the business, leadership and any other relevant information that can paint a picture in the potential investors’ minds of who the company is, where they are going.

Design Objectives:

The most important aspect of IR website design is to maintain the corporate brand identity. This ensures a seamless experience for the reader and end-user – from colors and logos to the general look and feel. The use of images, graphics, charts, videos, webinars, and presentations apart from key management team profiles is an integral part of IR web design process.

IR website – as an important communication tool:

Our IR website also has all important communications tools such as contact form, phone, address and other company contact details which is readily available for investors to contact in case of need. An important element of communication we use on IR website is about Subscription tool. Investors can provide their email address and consent to receive important IR updates such as End of the day stock details, new press releases etc.

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